The tool no 11th: Tile Tester, gậy kiểm bộp (kiểm bộp), cây kiểm bộp

You might have heard of others who check for tile hollowness with marbles, coins or ball bearings, but did you know there is an actual tile-testing tool that you can use? While it is not so much a tool to help with repairs and maintenance, the tile tester is, as its name suggests, used to check for tile hollowness. It is especially useful for new homeowners, as you have to start checking for defects and get them rectified as soon as possible before renovation works get in the way.

To describe it simply, it is a retractable metal rod with a ball at one end. All you have to do is to extend the retractable rod and you can start tapping away to check on your tiles. What is the significance of a hollow tile? A hollow sound could mean that the tile was either never installed properly, or it may have debonded. There are a variety of reasons why a tile can debond, such as the concrete layer not prepared properly or laying a dirty tile that was not cleaned prior to application.

Unfortunately, hollow tiles are not something you can fix on your own, but be sure to get it rectified as quickly as possible after you receive the keys to your new house.

With these tools, you should be able to fix most minor household issues quite effortlessly. You can rely on yourself to handle small repair works instead of having to seek professional help, which can cost quite a bit. It definitely pays to have some handyman skills!

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